Wed, Oct 10 - Wed, Mar 13 2019

New Horizon Sports Birmingham Football Tournament,

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    This event will be the first interactive youth school sports competition ever!! We are running a football tournament in Birmingham City, UK. 32 to Schools in Birmingham will be taking part in an 11 aside football knockout tournament. By the end of the tournament we will find out who the best team in Birmingham is.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Our events are built, for youth sports to trump the level it's been at for years. Running events in a way never ever done in youth sports before, especially football. Taking a deeper look at a young footballer, seeing what talent is really out there; let no one slip through the cracks. 

    Schools in the UK are filled with 1000s of students and 100s staff; all of those people seeing YOUR company logo in front of them every single time they watch the match, go to our to check for result and statistics or when they go to the final and see t-shirts with your logo on it around them constantly. 

    Our events could bring recognition to both the teenage demographic and the adults, picture this; a father wants to see his sons statistics online, reads them and is proud of the son, he wants to get some kind reward for his son's good work and coming at the side of the computer screen is YOUR LOGO. We are not only going to appeal to those in a school but those around it, the ones that surround it.

    We bringing youth sport to a new platform, a new space, a new horizon.

    lamar pitterson

    I am Lamar Pitterson director and owner of New Horizon Sports. This idea came to me when I was just 15 years old, watching young people fall out of luck in sport. I wondered if youth sports was interactive people would know exactly what's happening, the people who are playing well, the athletes that need work.

    As a child, I was always told how much potential I had as an athlete; I went to right places and trained the right people to unlock that potential, and played football semi-pro level. however then I injured that stopped me playing the game, and my faithful restrictions lead to give up the game.

    However, that sounds to you I am thankful for that experience; it led me to this, I had the right people around because my family were in around sports industry.

    Through their connections I had, the right things taught me, but a lot of young athletes don't have this, they'll hear people tell them "you have potential" but no one to guide them as to unlock that potential. And that our goal!! to bring youth sports up to the light so players who are seen with potential can be brought to places where they can see it. 


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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    66% Male Attendees

    34% Female Attendees

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