HallyuFest At Sea

Miami, Florida, United States
Sat, Dec 23 - Sat, Dec 30 2017

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Miami, Florida, United States Miami, Florida, United States
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About our event

HallyuFest At Sea

Music Festival, Conference and Much More

Be apart of the most exciting inaugural event of 2017!  The HALLYU Festival will be the event of the year presented by KCRUSH America Magazine, the only U.S. printed magazine that caters to the U.S.'s evolving interest in the Asian Culture. This event will definitely leave a mark on all in attendance as we unleash a kaleidoscope of fun, energy, entertainment and events. Now is your chance to be a part of the fastest-growing Asian-American event in North America! Make a mark on society by supporting this amazing, fun-filled, entertainment event with a diverse and fast growing fan base.

The Korean Wave, also known as HALLYU is no longer just Korean but has now become the Asian wave and it’s coming to America. There is a worldwide growing appetite for Asian cultural exports. This new cultural phenomenon is spreading so fast that we want to bring it and make it known here in the U.S.

HALLYUFEST will rock the stage with performance and evolution of entertainment, welcoming an anticipated international crowd of well over 4,000 attendees.  As a sponsor of this event, you will help us in sharing in the excitement of this growing evolution of entertainment. 


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KCRUSH is a major source for bridging the gap between Asian and American cultures. With its online magazine, KCRUSH America, it’s printed magazine, a weekly newsletter, and other media sources, this event will be broadcast across many media channels. Our target demographic is largely ages 16 - 24 due to youth playing a major role in the increase of interest in the Korean culture.  However, our demographic reach also extends to those ages 35-52.  Similar events have had great success in previous years and presently.

Similar Events

2012 - 10,000 attendees

2013 - 20,000 attendees

2014 - 42,000 attendees

2015 - 55,000 attendees

2016 - 65,000 attendees

KCRUSH’s HALLYUFEST At Sea will be expanding what was offered at these events to give a much more explosive festival.



Asian Cooking Instruction

Yes, We’re Married Celebrity Couples’ Panel

Asian Real Estate Developer Summit

Asian Women’s Summit


Award Show

Private Invitation Only After Party @ Local Venue

5K Run for Featured Charities




$500 "STAR"

Our $500 "STAR" package includes the following: 1. Listed as a "STAR" sponsor with Logo on the KCRUSH and HALLYUFEST websites. Your listing/logo will begin in April 2017. 2. Will Tweet about your participation with HALLYUFEST AT SEA once a week until Dec. 2017. Tweets will begin in April 2017. 3. Listed within the event program(s) along with other "STAR" sponsors. 4. Listed in the KCRUSH America Magazine Newsletter, which is emailed out to our list twice monthly. You will be listed with your Logo along side other "STAR" sponsors in the "March, April and May 2017," newsletters. You will receive a copy of each newsletter, by email per your time of becoming a "STAR" sponsor, i.e., March "STAR" sponsor, you will be listed in and receive a copy of the March, April and May issues. If you become a $500 "STAR" sponsor in April, you will be listed in and receive the April and May issues only.




OPEN CUSTOMIZED PROPOSAL $25,000 & $50,000 We prefer to customize because only you know your business. When customized, you tell us what your needs are, how you measure success and what you are looking for. Our current proposal(s) shown are suggestions to get the process started. We have many assets to offer. Take a look and contact us with your own suggestions as to how you want to engage with our keen and passionate network.

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Denise Coley is a determined, hard-working professional with work experience in various fields and a wide range of skills. Her vast knowledge and experience have helped her become the founder and CEO of KCRUSH America Magazine (celebrating its 4th year anniversary in May 2017)! 

KCRUSH America Magazine is a subscription based publication that is uniquely available in print, as well as online (with frequent news, updates, videos, etc.). It is the go-to resource for all things Asian – culture, entertainment, news, fashion, food, etc. The magazine is not only involved in presenting information, but is also determined to actively encourage dialogue and participation from its readership from various backgrounds and cultures. It is keen to build relationships with various Asian companies, artists and authors, by hosting social events where different people are able to interact and share their interests. 

KCRUSH America Magazine goes beyond providing information and entertainment to Asian culture enthusiasts, and it is much more than simply a hobby resource. Denise's mission for the magazine is for it to educate society, and bring different cultures together through music, education, art, history and entertainment; in doing so, she hopes it will enrich and empower families, communities, industries, and foster knowledge and accountability throughout communities and world wide.

Denise Coley, is the passionate, driven, professional woman behind this project along with a team of industry professionals and is determined to see it grow. Her dream is for the magazine to benefit not only individuals and communities, but the world as a whole, through the magazine's mission to encourage positive social interactions between different cultures!



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