Sat, Jun 23 2018

Fernando & Lewis Wedding,

Valencia Country Club- Santa Clarita Wedding , Santa Clarita, California, United States Valencia Country Club- Santa Clarita Wedding , Santa Clarita, California, United States

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    We are a couple who simply cannot afford a wedding. For a short story about us, we met 23 years ago. But as children and eventually parted ways. Keith was previously married for 10 years in which he had 2 children, but his previous wife left him and their children leaving him as a single father to raise 2 kids on his own. Myself was in a previous relationship as well where I had 3 kids. I was also left as a single mother. In 2014, we reunited and in which we fell in love instantly. We have been engaged for 3 years now. We were planning a wedding in 2015 but then we found out that I was pregnant and expecting a child. So we put the wedding on the back burner until after the baby was born. However tragedy happened. In April of 2015, I was 8 months pregnant when we lost our daughter. We had to cremate her, have a proper burial and it did test our relationship. But 4 months later we tried again and were blessed the following year with another beautiful baby girl. She is now over the age of 1 and we are hoping to have her as our flower girl. With our children combined we are a blended family of 6 kids. We also have Keith's father living with us who is 75 years old. So in all we have 9 occupants in our household. As you can imagine that is a lot to feed and bills run incredibly high which has made it very hard for us to save enough money to afford a nice wedding. We could do what others have done and just elope or get married by the justice of the piece but keep in mind, I am my fathers only girl. And Keith is the only child amongst his parents. The only wish we have is to be able to give both our parents something to look forward to. To let our children be apart of our happiness and see our story. After so many years that we ended up together through all the struggles we have been through with others and to finally find someone who completes you and you know in your heart that that is the one finally! Keith and I are not young anymore. Keith going on 41 this year and myself going on 32 years old.  If we can have someone to just help us with the cost, it would be so beneficial and would be a blessing. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    Well a sponsor shouldn't have to sponsor this event, but who wouldn't want to see a happy ending? If the sponsor would get to know us and hear one on one what our lives have been like before we got engaged. Or what it has been like being with each other, to see us make it over every hurdle we have been through, who wouldn't want to sponsor us... 

    I mean Keith is 41 and has suffered from a previous drug addiction, OCD (like Howie Mandel), and left to raise 2 kids on his own. 

    Myself am a single mother of 3, who has been homeless, fought through a disease I was unsure I could be cured of, lost a child, lost a sister after getting hit by a car, dealt with abuse, and watched a friend commit suicide in front of me. And the list goes on but we have both remained strong in it and have learned to get back up while life tries to knock us down. 

    We both attended a trade school to learn how to trade. My fiance is an expert salesman. I focused my careers in Property Mgmt, Architecture and Development, and am not going for my brokers license. We are trying our best to make a well living for ourselves and our family. It just takes time as most entrepeneurs would agree. 

    But to have our wedding sponsored would mean, we could give not only ourselves but our family a noce sutle elegant traditional wedding in which we could share with our friends and family. 


    Kristin Lewis

    Our story pretty sumarizes who we are.. We are not perfect but we try to lead our lives honest. We are a strong Christian family who strives to build our family on strong values like going to school and getting good grades and being driven to succeed and to be focused. We have really achieved this because we have 6 beautiful children. One who is in college stuying Computer Science. A daughter in her senior year of high school who has aced all her AP exams and studied the medical program this summer at UC Berkeley. And will be attending next summer as a ATA. And our little children are in the honors program in their schools. 

    We don't believe in the word "can't". Because where there is a way then you CAN do just about anything.

    Now about us individually... My fiance Keith was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He moved here in the 80s where he resided first in England until he made his way to New Mexico then to California where he has pretty much lived his entire life. His family is Dutch Sri Lankan and lives on strong family cultural values. 

    Myself am originally from Los Angeles, California. Born and Raised majority. I did spend 15 years in Washington State which is where I pretty much established my career and my children were born. My family however, is from all over the world. Brazil, New York, Philadelphia, and more. My father Vel Lewis is a known Jazz Producer, Writer, and Pianist connected to icons Dionne Warwick, Paul Taylor and Dave Koz. He is very well known in The Houston Area, does shows and more. 

    Me and Keith have known each other for 23 years. We met as children where I was attending his parents home after school like daycare. We were not in love then of course but just kids who teased each other. And now years later, we found a liking to one another and saw that we must have met for a reason and I must have made my way back to California for a reason as I was originally headed to Atlanta for a job when I was sidetracked and here we are today. Engaged raising kids and happy. Just want to make official now!  

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