Enov8 Conference Silicon Beach

Los Angeles, California, United States
Thu, Sep 28 - Fri, Sep 29 2017

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Los Angeles, California, United States Los Angeles, California, United States
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About our event

The purpose of the Enov8 Conferences is to offer Educational Institutions and After-School Programs an exciting Educational Events to help their Students identify career paths in the STEM Fields and the Manufacturing Industry.

We will have 1st rate Keynote and Guest Speakers from various Backgrounds and Industries demonstrate and explain how they use Science and Technology on a daily basis in their respected professions.

Students will learn directly from mentors still in the workforce and from Industry Leaders about the many different and exciting careers their industries can offer them through General Sessions, Workshops, and Product Demos.

Attendees Demographics

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Expected Audience


Sponsorship Opportunities


More than 800 students and 75 educators will be at each event.


Ensure that your company name and products are
remembered by School principals, CPA and CTE
program Directors, and teachers by keeping your brand
and products in front of them at all times...


Elite and Premium supporters can be part of the
Agenda and have 15 or 30 minutes breakout sessions
or presentations.


Learn the needs and issues that educators are facing
in the field. Discover their concerns and how you can
help resolve their problems

Give your clients and potential customers hands-on
access to your current and new products or devices

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We are a company founded and developed by Educators. Our main purpose is to provide Educational Events that will stimulate Students of all backgrounds and genders to pursue career pathways in the STEAM fields. We hope
that you can join and support us in our Mission.

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