Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Thu, Sep 06 - Fri, Sep 07 2018

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Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, United States Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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About our event

BlockchainConf.Tech Atlanta USA, September 6-7, 2018, is a no-BS blockchain Conference for Software Engineers. There is much more to blockchain than cryptocurrency. This is a 2-day technical conference for software engineers interested in or building applications that leverage decentralized data, decentralized ownership, decentralized identity, decentralized infrastructure, and software.

This conference is about building and doing. We will not have any sessions from attorneys or investors or about ICOs. Just technical content for technical people. Featured Speakers are:

Stephen Pair

CEO and Co-founder BitPay

Fireside Chat: In this fireside chat we discuss the future of Blockchain technology, and, how it is disrupting the database world.

Christopher Ferris
IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Open Technology for IBM
Session: Understanding Hyperledger Fabric
Abstract: Hyperledger Fabric (Fabric) is an enterprise-grade, permissioned distributed ledger (DLT) platform designed for business. It is fully open source, under open governance hosted by the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger organization.

Marley Gray
Principal Architect Azure Blockchain Microsoft
Session: Architect and Design of true Multi-Party Distributed Applications
Abstract: Deep dive into building true next generation multi-party applications using separation of concerns between the blockchain and logic. Use the blockchain as a shared truth and logic is proven resolution of the truth. Learn about how using identity, HSMs and enclaves in shared environment allows for parties to share logic and work across public and private blockchains of any type, simultaneously all while allowing developers to use their existing skills in Java, C#, F#, Kotlin, etc. Exploring the framework, real code samples with end-to-end complex “smart contracts” using distributed transactions and more.

Brian Platz
Founder and Architect FlureeDB
Session: Introduction to FlureeDB
Abstract: FlureeDB is a modern database optimized for enterprise applications with features like scalable Graph Query, byzantine-fault tolerance, fully-ACID compliant transactions, and a RESTful API. Combined with an immutable blockchain core and the ability to shard databases across organizations where consensus rules dictate transaction success, FlureeDB is an excellent provider for developing enterprise blockchain applications at scale. FlureeDB is also optimized for data decentralization: A FlureeDB database can be held, in its entirety, across a host of participants where no single party controls it.
Chris Matthieu
CEO at Computes, Inc.
Session: Decentralized Cloud Computing
Abstract: The convergence IoT, AI, and Blockchain require drastically different computing models. Cloud, edge and decentralized computing may sound overwhelming but with great challenges come great opportunities. I would like to demonstrate an idea of how decentralized (and distributed) cloud computing could be the answer to the next evolution of computing.

Natalie Villasana and Alex Leitner
Software Developer Stroj Labs
Session: Getting Started With Smart Contracts and Blockchain-related Tools
Abstract: Hear from Storj Labs developers Natalie Villasana and Alex Leitner as they discuss the capabilities made possible by ERC20 smart contracts, MetaMask wallets and the web3.js library. Attendees will hear how to use these tools to build their own projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Discussion topics include governance planning, smart contract capabilities, application development and helpful GitHub repositories. The session will look at real-world projects that Natalie and Alex have worked on, including Robin Hood Coin, an ecosystem where participants can steal coins from one another, made possible by smart contracts.
Razi Rias
Senior Architect at Microsoft - Blockchain
Session: Improving Privacy in Blockchain using Homomorphic Encryption
Abstract: This session will help you understand what is a homomorphic encryption, and its use cases in both in off-chain and on-chain blockchain scenarios. The hands-on demos in this session provides code walkthrough of various SDKs and programming models that can be used to implement homomorphic encryption. 

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THere are no other technology focused blockchain conferences out there. If you want to reach, influence or hire the people that build decentralized Apps and Infrastructure, this is the place for you 

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