Thu, May 24 - Sun, May 27 2018

Author Book Debut at the Phoenix Comic Fest,

Phoenix, Arizona, United States Phoenix, Arizona, United States

  • About the event

    I’ve been a self-published author since 2014 and have built a small following of fans who are eager to get their hands on the third book in the series.  For the past two years, I have been able to invest in one significant event to promote my work, and that is the Phoenix Comicon, (Now known as the Phoenix Comic Fest)  Each past event has been very successful as I sell my the bulk of my inventory and double my fan base.  Last year I would have sold twice as much, as I had to turn away many who already had my first two books and were hoping to get the third, which was not ready at the time. 

    This year's event is set to be even better.  My third book is ready, interested in my first two is still growing, and my experience has taught me what I need to do to attract visitors to my location and drive up my brand. 

    This years event will include large posters of my book covers that will tower above my booth, which will be in a hall with very high clearance.  In the past, we were asked by nearly every customer if we had a bag for them to carry the books that they bought.  Those vendors that provided bags had their brand displayed throughout the event that spans the entire convention center.  So we are going to do that this year to not only promote our cover art but also our sponsors. 

    Below the large posters on the tower will be room for banners that will display the logos and slogans of our Gold Package Sponsors.  The support of independent artists and writers is a big topic at fan events and many who attend make a point to remember which companies are behind an indie artist. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    You will get your brand out in front of thousands over four days who are gathers together in the mindset of finding new and exciting things to spend their time and money on.  If you are looking to promote a new technology, service or entertainment, or just trying to increase the exposure of your brand, this is a great opportunity for you. 

    Last year this event had over 100,000 visitors over the four days, and all the vendors I talked to told me their business improves each year after the event because the exposure is memorable, helping drive people to their sites and doors long after the event. 

    Your sponsorship will help me to buy enough printed books to meet the demand expected at the event, print the posters, flyers and other promotional items that will help promote my after event sales and allow me to invest in the following year's event that has to be purchased before this year's event concludes. 

    Thank you,

    matthew duncan

    Like I stated earlier, I’m a self-published novelist.  I wish I could make enough off of my writing to make it my full-time career, but very few writers can do that.  Even those who get publishing deals with legitimate publishing houses usually have to keep their day job to pay the bills. 

    My day job is as a staffing recruiter for a national staffing company.  I’m married and have two sons, 11 and 17.  We live in Peoria Arizona.  My wife is in graduate school getting her Masters in Education so she can become a teacher.  That leaves my income to support our family of four.  It’s enough to stay on top of our bills, but there is not discretionary income.  So I’m left with no choice, but to look for other means of raising the funds I need to get my work into the hands of my readers.

    For the past couple of years, I did crowdsourcing to raise the funds.  It was effective, but considering that most came from family and friends, well I can’t keep going back to that each year.  So this year I’m trying to find sponsors who would benefit from the coveted spot that I hold at the annual event that has a two to three-year waiting list to get into.  I do believe that this approach will be mutually beneficial. 

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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