Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Sat, Mar 10 2018

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Collingwood, Ontario, Canada Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

About our event

Join us for an incredible night to raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Platinum Blonde’s Rob Laidlaw will be performing with Eli Young who is the inspiration behind this amazing event.

Travel back in time to the big hair days of the 80’s with some of the best voices of that era featuring; Rob Laidlaw, Gord Deppe from the Spoons and Gary Brown from the Tenants.

Then, it’s time to go country with Barbara Lynn Doran and Laugh Out Loud with Collingwood’s own C.I.A and comedic performer Bob Koven.

For those of you purchasing tickets to the Pre-Event - enjoy the colourful performance of Cameron "FUNCAM" Fraser. Cameron combines humour and rock and is sure to bring down the house with his guitar in hand. Sofia Blu will also be taking the stage for both our pre- event and main event. At just 13 years old, she's already featured on The Canada Sound Project. Her smash hit -"Be Myself" is quickly climbing the charts, and her new song "Work It Out" can be found on Amazon, Shopify, and iTunes.

It’s going to be a wild night in Collingwood at the Gayety Theatre. Let’s remember and support the potential and talents of Autistic Spectrum Individuals.

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We all know that life is busy but please take a moment to read our story below and imagine:

You are sitting in a chair, in a bright room surrounded by dozens of televisions. One of the televisions turns on and the show captures your attention. Suddenly another television turns on and you glance at it. When your eyes return to the first television the show is still on, but the screen is blurry, and the sound is crackly. Two more televisions turn on suddenly. One is very loud and the other one is screeching. Then, two more televisions turn on. One keeps fading in and out and the other just flickers. The volume keeps going up and down, but the sound doesn't match what you see on the screen. Occasionally, you get a small electrical shock from the chair that you are sitting in, when you move. Suddenly all around you, the televisions are turning on and off and the volume is going up and down and the little shocks are happening faster and faster. The cacophony of sound echoes around you. The lights in the room get brighter and dimmer and brighter and dimmer.

How do you feel?

How would you feel if you went through that every day of your life? That is autism.

You now have the opportunity to understand and help people with autism, a challenged by this debilitating disorder


By joining us, in support of our community fundraising event at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood for CLASS (Community Living Association South Simcoe) and Autism Speaks Canada. On Saturday, March 10th, 2018 a talented group of inspired Canadian Performers will be performing a benefit show to support CLASS and Autism Speaks Canada.


You can be a part of this event and be recognized as community supporter, a business leader and a champion by the families of autistic people across Canada.

Does support for these programs really work?

YES! and the proof is in the performance!

On Saturday March 10th, you will be able see Eli Young perform.

Eli is a 27 year old experienced rock drummer; Eli is an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After performing in a number of bands, Eli was overwhelmed by his condition and ended up living on the street. His father brought him back to Collingwood and with the help of CLASS, persuaded him to reach out and accept the care and governance of a proper facility. Eli was accepted into a welcoming CLASS facility in Bradford. Under the mentorship of Rob Laidlaw, (a world class musician, performer and producer), Eli is making a comeback and proving to people that with the right support, autistic people can live and self-manage in intense and demanding careers.

Did you know that 1 in 68 children in Canada are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder? When you think about it that means someone close to you has this disorder. Will you help them? Will you support the unbelievable talents of this energetic and talented group?

To get involved please go online at artistsexpressionforautism.com to see our star-studded lineup and learn more

We look forward to working with you and appreciate your support.

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