Sat, Mar 11 2017

A day of confidence,

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, United States Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, United States
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    Many girls in the U.S are in their teen years. Self esteem is very low between girls.  Girls are often faced with problems at school but they don’t have a guide to help them. Some young girls sometimes don’t understand how to express their feelings. Sometimes girls get mad at themselves that they lash out on other people and because of that they become  unstable adults.


    KK. Inc goal is to help girls to believe in themselves. To help them have a voice. Not to use their anger and/or resentment towards other people. To grow better as young ladies through reading the Me,Myself, & I series.


    Lets think my customer's perspective.The mission of Me, Myself, & I is to provide outreach to fatherless youth, by providing real world situations in which the reader can relate to. With reader being able to relate the reader can use what happens in the book to help their normal lives.

    About the series


    Kelly  is a 13 year old girl who is the new  CCP (Cool,Cute & Popular) in school but she doesn’t even know it! She’s a self-proclaimed diva and chronic doodler with big dreams and an even bigger addiction to writing in her diary.Kelly wants to be a model and an actress when she grows up. Kelly often underestimates herself despite her many talents. Although she finds herself knee deep in drama (and not the acting kind no thanks to her little sisters and arch nemesis) this diva embraces her divaness and always lands on her feet!


    Makayla  puts the “H” in hater. She’s the glamorous, queen bee of the CCPs (Cool, Cute & Popular), and lives for fashion, lip gloss, selfies, and making people miserable—especially divas like Kelly Dzadu. Her motto is, “Whatever Makayla wants, Makayla  gets.” So, if you’re a threat, watch your back because beneath her confident, fabulous exterior there’s a whole lot of drama.

    So we are hosting a Day Of Confidence. A day to get girls to come out and just be uniquely them!

    Why should you sponsor?

    What I am doing is important.  I'm not going to waste your money. Investors want to make sure their money is well-managed. And when you invest in Me, Myself, & I you ensure that many girls in their teen years will have great teenage years for years to come.I would use the money to buy more things for the event like food items. If I do not win I will still keep writing book because there are kids in the world which means there will still be a need for my books. From this experience I have learned that something that you do for fun and actually be your job forever and it won’t even feel like a job. This experience has changed my mind about entrepreneurship because I used to think that having your own business would be a lot a lot of work but it turns out it isn’t. With this experience I have been inspired to keep writing my books to help others be empowered.


    Missy Kay

    Kelly is a 13-year-old “total girly-girl” who loves cheerleading, pageants, modeling and acting.

    She first got involved in cheerleading when a friend at school encouraged her to tryout. “At first I thought that I was no good. Then people began to be impressed by me and I said to myself ‘Wow maybe I’m not as bad as I thought.’”

    Her modeling started at the young age of 7. “…everyone in my family are models so it kind of grew onto me,” she said. “I just like all the attention on me because when I was growing up my life was not as fortunate as what it is now.”

    Even though she’s had some incredible opportunities with modeling and cheerleading, Kelly also mentioned that she suffered from bullying when she was a child. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she channeled her feelings into writing.

    “I did go through bullying at a point in my life and I think that many girls can relate to what I went through,” she said. This lead her to start a book series that she keeps in her diary called, “Me, Myself & I.”

    Kelly has mentioned that she has to budget her time wisely. “Now managing my writing and my chosen career is actually quite easy,” she said. “I write while I am at school so that my teachers can help me with my corrections and for modeling I just get help at home with my sisters.”

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